Revolution begins with a great idea

Many of our competitors' machines are based on technology that is up to 40 years old. Sure…they have made advances, but overall these have been largely limited by their existing tooling. In other words, competing machines are bound by existing convention rather than based on good seeding practice.

By contrast, our company founder Don Sandbrook, after many years of working as a seeder designer, saw the opportunity to make a fresh start. Banishing all preconceptions, he began with the optimum outcomes. He then carefully and methodically worked on how to deliver those benefits! The result: a revolutionary range of seeding machinery that is sold in 20 countries around the world, and which offers unique advantages.

Why Seed Spider?

Increasing competition, cost and pressure on margins mean that farmers, sowing contractors and growers must maximise outputs as never before. The need to get the most from the land and from your equipment has never been greater.

Highly cost effective

We focus on long term reliability with intelligent computer design and manufacturing, using the latest technologies and tough hi-tech materials. ISO9002 certification ensures all components are manufactured to uncompromising standards. You benefit through less down time, substantially less cost of ownership and higher resale values.

Built for the bottom line

Seed Spider Seeding Systems have been specifically designed to benefit your bottom line. When you work with Seed Spider, you are using revolutionary technology developed and built to be faster, more accurate, easier to use and more cost competitive overall than any other seeding machinery available. We intend to help you make money. It's as simple as that!